We respect the customer’s privacy and pay special attention to safeguard it. Some basic information and data may be collected from the customer for delivery reasons but the buyers can be 100% sure that these data are completely safe and private and are only collected for statistical reasons. The following privacy policy write up may help you assess as to how we collect the data and what we do with them.
AstroVidhya (Pragnay Info) is very particular with the customer privacy policy and hence you have the privacy policy laid down in front of you to check before you proceed further with the data collection. When you access the website you automatically agree to abide by the privacy policy and thus you give your consent for data collection.

According to the privacy policy, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you browse the various products on your website. After all shopping is meant to de-stress your mind and not clog it more. So relaxation of the mind is our prior concern. You want you to feel safe about the information you submit to us. You should understand clearly that when you accept our privacy policy, you are actually giving you consent for data collection. You should contact us for any query or doubt about the data collection procedure.

It is very important for you to know exactly what information we collect. The information is collected automatically in the anonymous form that includes the computer identification information from the cookies, the IP address assigned to your machine and the type of machine you are using to log in and even the type of web browser you’re using.

The first and the last names
The primary and the alternate email addresses.
Mobile phone number and contact details.
Some basic financial information, for example, the debit or credit card numbers.
Most common is the opinion that you may want to share about the products that are displayed on our website.
And some other information that you may require to supply during the registration process.

The other information collected includes the number of time you may have visited a particular page or the links you’ve clicked on while on this website. Such information helps us make the website suit you and your preferences more and conserve community history as directed by the policies and laws in place.